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Next Apiary meeting: Sunday 26th June. – Sorry, Apiary Lockdown

Debbie Burton, our Seasonal Bee Inspector, found cells infected by EFB virus in no 3 hive, so we have a complete lockdown on site and in the circumstances the custodians have decided to put off club visits until further notice, hopefully to resume on the 26th June.    Sorry to disappoint all you keen members, but we have to go through a lengthy decontamination of all equipment and boxes.  We have already put down colony 3 . Burning the frames and scorching the boxes, floor,,coverboard, queen excluder roof and stand.    The Warre hive has also been highlighted as a risk, as such a small colony is also likely to pick up the virus, so we are closing that one down as well, just as a precaution.

The full shutdown lasts for 6 weeks, but if we take full biosecurity measures. ie; only club bee suites to be worn ,and left on site, all gloves, and any brace comb or other debris to be burnt on site and fully immerse footwear in the foot dip, going in and out, we may be able to open again for hive inspections.   Keep an eye on this page for further information.

Richard, Liz and Mel.    Apiary custodians.