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Apiary Meeting 15 October 2017

Weather unusually warm >20 degrees.  Bees flying and bringing in pollen.

Acetic acid treatment completed and pads removed.  Entrance blocks out in place but due to warm weather and high activity levels, mouseguards not yet placed.  Woodpecker guards put around hives.   Under-supered hives 2, 2A, 4, 7 & 8, i.e. all hives except 14×12 or double brood.

Last apiary meeting of the year.

Apiary Meeting 6 October 2017

Apistan strips removed.  Acetic acid treatment on brood boxes and supers.  Checked for stores and replenished where necessary.

Apiary Meeting 20 August 2017

Weather 20 degrees and cloudy.  Varroa treatment (Apistan) undertaken on all hives, including new beekeepers’ hives.
Batch 1609203035.  Expiry 10/2019.

Hive #1 – inspected by Richard.  Queen seen, still with damaged abdomen but continuing to lay.  Brood on 5 frames.  Some deformed wing virus and wax moth.  One wet super removed. Varroa = 50.

Hive #2 inspected by ?  Three emerged queen cells. No young brood.  Knocked down 4 queen cells.  Wet super not cleared and being re-filled.  One super of stores.

Hive # 2A – inspected by Mel.  2 x brood boxes.  Apistan applied to bottom brood only – brood on 6 frames.  Queen seen in bottom brood. Some sac brood.

Hive #3 – inspected by Mel.  2x deeps.  Queen not seen.  Brood on 4 frames.  Plenty of stores in top deep.  Varroa = 32.

Hive #4 – inspected by Anne.  Queen seen.  Brood on 6 frames. One capped queen cell. One uncapped queen cell in supercedure position (did not remove).  One uncapped queen cell removed.  4 frames not drawn, one moved to encourage drawing.

Hive # 6 – inspected by Anne.  2x deeps. Queen not seen. Brood in top box.

Hive #7 – inspected by Brad.  Queen not seen. Evidence of bald brood, chalk brood and parasitic mite syndrome.

Hive #8 – inspected by Liz.  Queen not seen.  Wet super being re-filled. Moved frames with stores below crown board.  Varroa = 29.

Observation hive – inspected by Rowan. Queen seen. Brood in 3 frames. Evidence of sac brood.  Suggest may not be suitable,Emma’s observation hive.

Apiary Meeting 15 October

There will be an apiary meeting on Sunday 15 October at 2:15pm.   The purpose of the meeting will be to check stores and the general status of the apiary.

Apiary Meeting tomorrow, Sunday 10th September to check stores

No Wednesday 16th August Apiary meeting

Meeting deferred until Sunday 20th August to allow for Varroa treatment of all hives together

No Wednesday 9th August Apiary meeting

Apiary Meeting 6 August 2017

Weather warm 20 degrees.  Objective of meeting was to review supers ahead of extraction next Sunday (13 August, 2pm at Petersfield Community Centre).   Each colony left with 1 super for stores.  Surplus supers placed over clearer boards with Porter Bee Escapes.  Varroa check.

Hive #1 – 1 full super to extract.   Varroa = 48.

Hive #2 – No supers to extract.  No varroa board.

Hive # 2A – No supers to extract. No varroa board.

Hive #3 – 2 x deeps.  Brood inspected in top deep only.  Unmarked Queen seen and marked Yellow.  A lot of stores in top deep but limited stores in supers.  High level of deformed wing and uncapped brood with dead larvae, suggesting high levels of varroa. Varroa count = 107.   6 frames to extract.

Hive # 4 – No supers to extract. Varroa = 21.

Hive # 6 – ?

Hive #7 – ?

Hive # 8 – additional super left under Clearer Board to create room for high number of bees.  Varroa not recorded.

Apiary Meeting 30 July 2017

Weather sunny 19 degrees.

Hive #1 – inspected by Mel. 14 x 12. Queen not seen – small number of eggs and young larvae. 2 supers each 50% full. Varroa = 30.

Hive # 2 – Wednesday inspection.

Hive #2A – Wednesday inspection.

Hive # 3 – inspected by Liz & Julia. 2 x deeps. Queen not seen. No QCs. Brood and stores OK. Removed wax moth and reduced entrance due to wasps. Varroa = >50.

Hive # 4 – inspected by Graham. Queen seen. Brood on 6 frames. 1 super. All OK. Varroa = 5.

Hive # 5 – not inspected.

Hive # 6 – Wednesday inspection.

Hive # 7 – inspected by Graham. Queen not seen but brood in all stages. 2 supers (top) could be extracted.

Hive # 8 – not inspected as charged QCs waiting to emerge.

Wednesday 2 August Apiary meeting canceled due to rain