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Apiary Record Sunday 14th May

Breezy, 18C  David Parkinson making Nuc Hives and initiating queen rearing.

Hive #1  Inspected by Richard Williams.  Good temper.   14×12 +shallow.  2 supers.   4 of 5 QC’s removed.  Sealed brood only. Sufficient space and stores.

Hive #3  Inspected by Liz Hawes.  Good temper.  2 deep.  3 supers.  Queen seen, not marked. 2 QC’s removed.  Sufficient space .

Hive #5  Inspected by Anne-Chantal Ballard.  Good temper. 14×12.  2 supers.  9 brood, eggs, 4 QC’s. Shallow added to brood.  QC’s & 1 framebrood removed to nucs.


Apiary Record 10th May

Sunny 20C

Hive #2  Inspected by Tom Blackburn  Artificial Swarm performed to create Hive #2a.

Hive #2 1 deep 1 super , queen marked blue, 2brood, 2 stores.

Hive #2a  2 deep, 2 sealed QC’s.Sufficient stores in deep

Hive #6  Inspected by Tom Blackburn.  2 deep, 6 & 7.5 frames brood 3 brood frames stores;  2 supers with limited stores.

Apiary Record Sunday 7th May

Sunny 17C .

Hive #1 Inspected by Liz Hawes.  14×12 + shallow.  2 supers.  Sufficient room & stores . Good Temper.  Queen not seen, swarm suspected. QC’s: 1 hatched, 2 torn down, 3 small, 2 good remaining.

Hive # 3  Inspected by Rowan Roberts.  2 deeps. 2 supers.  Sufficient room & stores . moderate Temper.  Queen not seen. 1 Queen cell removed to Nuc. hive, others destroyed.

Hive #4  Not inspected

Hive #5   Inspected by Rowan Roberts.  14×12. 2 supers.  Sufficient room & stores . moderate Temper.  Queen seen. 9 frames brood.  Bias.  Drone trap moved to brood edge.

Hive #7  Not inspected

Hive #8  Inspected by Phil Gurney. 1deep + shallow. 1 super.  good temper. 9 deep, 1 shallow brood, 1 torn down QC.  no eggs seen, young larvae.  Stores in brood only.

Hive # 9    Inspected by Phil Gurney. 1 deep . 1 super.  good temper.  No eggs, little larvae.  Poor condition, Sac brood.  Little stores, little feed taken.  Graham Rowden took Decision to destroy



Apiary Record 3rd May

Cloudy, cold & turning wet.  Quick inspection of Hive#2; very brief of hive#6 Tom Blackburn leading.

Hive #2    2 deeps with 4 brood in each.  Unsealed QC removed. 1 super with 9.5 stores.  Space.

Hive #6  Deteriorating weather, bad tempered bees.  Stores only inspected, 4 frames.


Apiary Meeting 30 April

Too cold for general inspections – 10 degrees. Demonstration of Queen marking using workers found in supers. Checks on nucs created the previous week.

Hive #4 – inspected by David P. 3 supercedure cells, likely to be emergency supercedures. Two cells cut from hive and pasted into Nuc 4A. Bees from some frames shaken into Nuc. Leave for 4 weeks. Next inspection 28 May.

Hive #3A – inspected by David P. Nuc created 23 April. Queenless.

Hive 4A – inspected by David P. Two supercedure cells pasted into Nuc from #4. Bees shaken into Nuc from some #4 frames.

Apiary Meeting 26 April

Brief inspections on Hives 2 & 6 only. Weather cold and wet.

Hive #2 – inspected by Liz & Rowan. Deep x 2. Brood on 4 frames. Stores on 5 frames. Some play cups. Stores in tip deep but not in super.

Hive #6 – inspected by Liz & Rowan. Deep x 2. Play cups seen in top deep. Only 5 frames inspected in bottom deep – hail storm prevented further checks.

Apiary Records 23 April

Weather 14 degrees and overcast.
Hive #1 – inspected by Nigel. 14 x 12 + shallow brood boxes. Queen not seen. 2 Queen cells destroyed. Brood on 7 frames (deep and shallow).
Hive #2 – not inspected as reserved for Wednesday.
Hive #3 – inspected by David P. Double brood. Two open charged queen cells. Brood on 7 frames. Created Nuc (3A) with 3 frames. Top super ready to extract.
Hive #4 – inspected by David P. Super full, consider extracting. Shallow has queen cells – Nuc created (4A). Hive Hive #5 – inspected by Liz & Rowan. 14 x 12. Queen seen and marked White. Brood on 9 frames. Super added. Drone brood removed.
Hive #6 – not inspected as reserved for Wednesday.
Hive #7 – inspected by Rowan/Graham. Brood +half. Queen not seen. Brood on 8 frames. Super added. Moved hive 3 feet to new position.
Hive #8 – no records.
Hive # 9 – inspected by David P. Queen seen, no queen cells and very little brood (1 frame) and little stores. Fed syrup. Some eggs but very slow laying.