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Apiary Meeting Friday 6 October

Apistan strips removed.  Acetic acid treatment on brood boxes and supers.  Checked for stores and replenished where necessary.

Apiary Meeting 15 October

There will be an apiary meeting on Sunday 15 October at 2:15pm.   The purpose of the meeting will be to check stores and the general status of the apiary.

Apiary Record Sunday 14th May

Breezy, 18C  David Parkinson making Nuc Hives and initiating queen rearing.

Hive #1  Inspected by Richard Williams.  Good temper.   14×12 +shallow.  2 supers.   4 of 5 QC’s removed.  Sealed brood only. Sufficient space and stores.

Hive #3  Inspected by Liz Hawes.  Good temper.  2 deep.  3 supers.  Queen seen, not marked. 2 QC’s removed.  Sufficient space .

Hive #5  Inspected by Anne-Chantal Ballard.  Good temper. 14×12.  2 supers.  9 brood, eggs, 4 QC’s. Shallow added to brood.  QC’s & 1 framebrood removed to nucs.


Apiary Record 10th May

Sunny 20C

Hive #2  Inspected by Tom Blackburn  Artificial Swarm performed to create Hive #2a.

Hive #2 1 deep 1 super , queen marked blue, 2brood, 2 stores.

Hive #2a  2 deep, 2 sealed QC’s.Sufficient stores in deep

Hive #6  Inspected by Tom Blackburn.  2 deep, 6 & 7.5 frames brood 3 brood frames stores;  2 supers with limited stores.

Apiary Record Sunday 7th May

Sunny 17C .

Hive #1 Inspected by Liz Hawes.  14×12 + shallow.  2 supers.  Sufficient room & stores . Good Temper.  Queen not seen, swarm suspected. QC’s: 1 hatched, 2 torn down, 3 small, 2 good remaining.

Hive # 3  Inspected by Rowan Roberts.  2 deeps. 2 supers.  Sufficient room & stores . moderate Temper.  Queen not seen. 1 Queen cell removed to Nuc. hive, others destroyed.

Hive #4  Not inspected

Hive #5   Inspected by Rowan Roberts.  14×12. 2 supers.  Sufficient room & stores . moderate Temper.  Queen seen. 9 frames brood.  Bias.  Drone trap moved to brood edge.

Hive #7  Not inspected

Hive #8  Inspected by Phil Gurney. 1deep + shallow. 1 super.  good temper. 9 deep, 1 shallow brood, 1 torn down QC.  no eggs seen, young larvae.  Stores in brood only.

Hive # 9    Inspected by Phil Gurney. 1 deep . 1 super.  good temper.  No eggs, little larvae.  Poor condition, Sac brood.  Little stores, little feed taken.  Graham Rowden took Decision to destroy



Apiary Record 3rd May

Cloudy, cold & turning wet.  Quick inspection of Hive#2; very brief of hive#6 Tom Blackburn leading.

Hive #2    2 deeps with 4 brood in each.  Unsealed QC removed. 1 super with 9.5 stores.  Space.

Hive #6  Deteriorating weather, bad tempered bees.  Stores only inspected, 4 frames.


Apiary Meeting 30 April

Too cold for general inspections – 10 degrees. Demonstration of Queen marking using workers found in supers. Checks on nucs created the previous week.

Hive #4 – inspected by David P. 3 supercedure cells, likely to be emergency supercedures. Two cells cut from hive and pasted into Nuc 4A. Bees from some frames shaken into Nuc. Leave for 4 weeks. Next inspection 28 May.

Hive #3A – inspected by David P. Nuc created 23 April. Queenless.

Hive 4A – inspected by David P. Two supercedure cells pasted into Nuc from #4. Bees shaken into Nuc from some #4 frames.

Apiary Meeting 26 April

Brief inspections on Hives 2 & 6 only. Weather cold and wet.

Hive #2 – inspected by Liz & Rowan. Deep x 2. Brood on 4 frames. Stores on 5 frames. Some play cups. Stores in tip deep but not in super.

Hive #6 – inspected by Liz & Rowan. Deep x 2. Play cups seen in top deep. Only 5 frames inspected in bottom deep – hail storm prevented further checks.

Apiary Records 23 April

Weather 14 degrees and overcast.
Hive #1 – inspected by Nigel. 14 x 12 + shallow brood boxes. Queen not seen. 2 Queen cells destroyed. Brood on 7 frames (deep and shallow).
Hive #2 – not inspected as reserved for Wednesday.
Hive #3 – inspected by David P. Double brood. Two open charged queen cells. Brood on 7 frames. Created Nuc (3A) with 3 frames. Top super ready to extract.
Hive #4 – inspected by David P. Super full, consider extracting. Shallow has queen cells – Nuc created (4A). Hive Hive #5 – inspected by Liz & Rowan. 14 x 12. Queen seen and marked White. Brood on 9 frames. Super added. Drone brood removed.
Hive #6 – not inspected as reserved for Wednesday.
Hive #7 – inspected by Rowan/Graham. Brood +half. Queen not seen. Brood on 8 frames. Super added. Moved hive 3 feet to new position.
Hive #8 – no records.
Hive # 9 – inspected by David P. Queen seen, no queen cells and very little brood (1 frame) and little stores. Fed syrup. Some eggs but very slow laying.