///Apiary:30th August

Apiary:30th August

Two notable achievements at this meeting: a) all colonies have now been checked for brood disease – and passed b) all queens have now been marked. 1-1 Syrup feed was provided to the following hives after the last meeting:  #4, #9, #10 & #15H. Additional feed was provided at the meeting as per the following notes. Most of the ‘wet’ supers put on at the last meeting were removed having been cleaned by the bees. It was noticeable that any whiff of honey within the apiary or indeed in the car park and store resulted in close attention from bees and wasps. Lack of experienced beekeepers meant some hives were not inspected.
Weather: Cloudy, 17C


Not inspected this meeting but ‘wet’ super removed fully cleaned.


Not inspected this meeting but 2 ‘wet’ supers removed fully cleaned.

Hive #3

Inspected by: Liz H
Brood Chamber (Single Deep):
Queen (Unmarked/2015) seen and marked Blue.
0 queen cells
2 frames with brood (eggs and larvae)
0 frames with stores – needs feeding
room for laying OK
Supers: 1
‘Wet’ super removed fully cleaned


Inspected by: Mel E
Brood Chamber: (Single Deep)
Queen (Green/2014) not seen
0 queen cells
5 frames with brood including eggs
Brood Health Check: OK
5 frames with stores – fed with 1:1 syrup
room to lay OK
Supers: 1 – super marked as hive being fed


Not inspected
‘Wet’ super removed – being used to store nectar put over #15/B


Not inspected


Inspected by: Richard W
Brood Chamber (Double Shallow):
Queen (Blue-2015 & Clipped) seen
Top Shallow
0 queen cells
5 frames with brood
stores OK
room to lay OK
Bottom Shallow
0 queen cells
1 frame with brood
stores OK
room to lay OK
‘Wet’ super removed fully cleaned


Not inspected


Warre Hive
Inspected by: Brad D
2 Boxes:
Top Box
Queen (Unmarked/2015) seen and culled – Drone Layer
0 queen cells
3 frames with brood including eggs. All sealed brood drone.
5 frames with stores but total stores low
All frames checked for removeability
Bottom Box
Top bars only
Topped up contact feeder with 1l 1:1.
Unite with one of nucs at next session.
Temper: 9


Not inspected

Nucleus #15B

Inspected by Richard W
Single Deep:
Queen (Blue/2015) seen
0 queen cells
4 frames with brood some sacbrood
2 frames with stores low
room for laying OK
Added ‘wet’ super from Hive#5 over crownboard
Temper: 9

Nucleus #15F

Inspected by Jon M
Single Deep:
Queen (Unmarked/2015) found and marked Blue
0 queen cells
4 frames with brood
0 frames with stores – Needs feeding
4 frames with room for laying
Supers: 1
Moved from Hive#8
Temper: 9

Nucleus #15H

Not inspected

Nucleus #15J

Inspected by: Brad D
Wooden Nucleus
Queen (Blue/2015) seen, actively flying
0 queen cells
1 frame with sealed brood
1 frame with stores
1 drawn frame with room and 2 foundation frames
Queen not originally seen, started dismantling nucleua when she arrived. Probably too late for her to successfully mate but left till next session just in case.
Temper: 10

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