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Apiary Record 14th July 2019

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Seventeen members attended the Apiary.  Initially cloudy, 20C. Hive 1 - David Parkinson/Dean Gregory - WBC Double Brood reduced to single.  1QC left on 7/7, further 13 QC's.  Decision to reduce to single brood [...]

Apiary Record 7th July 2019

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Sixteen members and one guest attended the Apiary on muggy overcast afternoon, temperature 20C. Last week queen cells were removed from four of the colonies, this week three of those colonies had swarmed. Hive [...]

Chalk Brood

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Chalk Brood has persisted in both Hive 1 (WBC) and 1b (14 X 12), both hives originating from Hive 1  (14 X 12).  Incidence has reduced in Hive 1 since removal to WBC. Chalk [...]

Apiary Record 16th June 2019

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Eighteen attended on an indifferent beekeeping day - overcast & windy with threatened showers.  Temperature 15 -17C Hive 1 - Anne-C Ballard - WBC double brood, Queen seen, no QC's.  Brood 1 with 9 [...]