Apiary Records – 22 April 2018

Weather 20 degrees, sunny and breezy.   First full inspection of the season.  To achieve consistency and understanding of the colonies, each will be allocated to one experienced beekeeper and a number of new beekeepers, who will remain with the colony for each inspection.
Hive # 1 – inspected by Rowan & Martin.  14 x 12.  1 super.   Queen seen.  Brood on 6 frames and plenty of stores.  4 play cups knocked down.
Hive # 2 – inspected by Anne.  Double brood.  1 super.  Queen seen.  Brood on 6 frames and plenty of stores.  QX added.
Hive # 3 – inspected by Peter R.   Single deep.  1 super.  Queen seen and marked blue – quite small.   Brood on 5 frames.  Super left above crown board to encourage brood to be built out within Deep.
Hive # 4 – inspected by David P.  Double brood.  1 super.  Brood on 10 frames, 5 in bottom Deep and 5 in top Deep.    Had been considered for Queen Rearing but discounted in favour of #6.
Hive # 5 – inspected by Graham.  Single Deep + half.  Brood scattered and minimal.  Leave for one week.  If no improvement, cull Queen.  2 frames of brood added from #7.
Hive # 6 – inspected by David P.  Queen not seen.  6.5 frames of brood in top Deep.  5 frames of brood in bottom Deep.   This colony will be used for Queen Rearing.
Hive # 7 – inspected by Brian.  Single deep below super and eke.  Queen seen and marked Red (2018).  Brood on 8 frames.  Plenty of stores in Deep.   Super empty.  Corrected inverted floor.   Two frames of bas removed and placed in # 5, to create space for brood.
Hive # 8 – inspected by Liz.  Single deep.  1 super.  Queen seen.   Brood on 11 frames.  Additional brood box added to create more room for laying.  Frame of bas taken from bottom Deep and placed in top Deep.

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