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Hive Design; Equipment; Stings; Aggressive Colonies

Carrying on the Improver Training sessions, the eighth session of the occasional series aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of beekeeping was held on Wednesday 4th October 2017 at the Petersfield Community Centre, 7:15.

Presented by: Brad Davis

The areas covered included:

  • Stings
  • Aggressive Colonies
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Equipment & Hygiene
  • Hive Design
    • Beespace
    • Types of Hive

Click here for slides

Apiary Meeting tomorrow, Sunday 10th September to check stores

National Honey Show News 2017

The next National Honey Show is just around the corner, again at Sandown Park. The Show was a tremendous success last year and now that we have a better understanding of the venue we have been able to make some tweaks to the programme to ensure visitors have an even better experience this year. Producing the National Honey Show Schedule each year is a mammoth task. The team have now gathered all the information for 2017 and the Schedule has been printed. It will be posted out to members who have chosen to receive their printed copy and published on the website.

There are some changes to the schedule this year with the addition of new classes, which has meant renumbering the classes. Changes to classes or NEW classes are denoted on the left next to their class number by a little flag shaped triangle:► New classes include:

  • 18 A ‘For sale’ display of honey and beeswax products
  •                  63 Metheglin or hyppocras
  •                  64 Melomel or pyment
  •                  65 Cyser
  •                135 Honey marmalade
  •                138 Honey vinegar

Membership and competitive entry forms are separate sheets this year, not bound into the Schedule. They will be posted with the Schedule and/or you can download them from the website. Entry forms need to be sent to the Entries Secretary by 9th October, with forms for the videos, essays, microscope slides and photographs submitted by 15thSeptember.

Local Beekeeping Associations have supported the show by, for the first time, sponsoring three of the main lectures in the Gold Cup Suite. This is a taller room than last year so hopefully there will not be any problem viewing the slides, even when the room is full. There will again be a hearing loop in the room. We have been fortunate to secure three renowned speakers from the US: Tom Seeley (professor in Biology at Cornell University), Kim Flottum (Editor of Bee Culture Magazine) and Heather Mattila (Professor at Wellesley College, Massachusetts). Together with some more local speakers such as Peter Tomkins from Rothamstead Research, Will Steynor and Roger Patterson they will be giving some compelling lectures!

Bee Craft continues to support the Show with their series of Friday lectures.  Young researchers from UK Universities will present updates on their current studies covering a range of topics including pollination, neonicotinoids, and EFB to name a few.  Plus the B Kids stand in the trade hall, offering activities for younger beekeepers such as candle rolling, mask making, make a shake-a-bee, label a bee, bee colouring sheets, a ‘Find the Queen’ raffle and more.

There are a lot of interesting lectures and workshops aimed at Beginners this year. There will be a Taster Workshop run by Celia and David Rudland on Saturday for those thinking of becoming beekeepers and who want to know more about what’s involved. Please could associations close to Sandown Park advertise this locally to encourage people to attend – they’ll also have the opportunity to see the fabulous Honey Show display and visit the Trade stands for an idea of what equipment they might need if they go ahead with beekeeping. The Saturday Programme aimed at beekeepers in the first year or two of beekeeping really tries to help them understand what is going on in the hive, how they can best interpret events and develop their beekeeping skills. This series of lectures is held on the Saturday so that those who are working during the week are free to attend. Visit the website to find out more.

This year’s Trade hall promises to be as vibrant as ever. There will be a coffee stand selling sandwiches and snacks in the Champagne Bar, so that those at the far end of the hall and coming from the workshops will have a shorter walk to seek refreshment.

Workshops are open to National Honey Show members. They are popular and must be booked in advance. Booking opens on 1st September.  Booking information is given on our website  This year’s programme includes many old favourites plus some new areas of interest such as making wax fruit, cooking with honey, labour saving devices, to name a few.

Many volunteers are needed to help run the show.  If you can offer a couple of hours or half a day stewarding, you would be warmly welcomed.  We also need chairpeople for the workshops and lectures. Do please contact Bill:

Other than that it’s not too late to book a trade stand, plan your entries, plan a visit, book a minibus or organise a coach to the show.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Val, Fiona and Helen