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Apiary Meeting Wednesday 26 April

Please note there WILL be an Apiary meeting at 2pm on Wednesday 26 April. The plan is to do a full inspection of Hive 2 and Hive 6. This is in addition to the normal Sunday meetings, the next of which is on Sunday 30 April.

Apiary Record 9 April 2017

The first meeting of the year was well-attended by over 30 new and existing bee-keepers.  Weather was unseasonably warm at around 23 degrees.  All colonies doing well and bringing in good quantities of stores.

Hive #1 (formerly 2)  inspected by Liz.  14×12 plus 2 supers.  Brood on 7 frames and stores on 4 frames.  Some evidence of wax moth.  Queen not seen.  No evidence of queen cells.

Hive #2 (formerly polynuc 15H) inspected by Graham.  Super added.

Hive #3 (formerly 4) inspected by Tom. Very strong colony. Overwintered super moved from under brood box. Brood on 8 frames. 1 deep of drawn comb added. 1 super of drawn comb added. Queen seen and marked White. No evidence of queen cells.

Hive #4 (formerly 5) inspected by David & Mel. Currently on brood + half but intention is to move to single/double brood. QX placed above and below half brood to identify Queen.

Hive #5 (formerly 6) inspected by Peter. 14×12 plus 1 super. Queen seen, unmarked. Brood on 5 frames. Drone trap removed. Plenty of stores in deep.

Hive #6 (formerly 7)inspected by Peter. Double brood. 2 supers. 5 frames of brood on each. Drone brood in bottom deep. Eggs laid in super before QX added. Extra super added.

Hive #7 inspected by Graham. Turned into brood + half. 8 frames of brood in deep. Lots of brood in all stages. Sufficient space in half brood. Queen not seen, no queen cells.

Hive # 8 (formerly Nuc 15F)inspected by Graham. 9 frames of brood in deep. 2 in shallow. Will probably need further super at next inspection.

Hive #9 (formerly Nuc 16B) inspected by David. 2 short frames in deep as drone trap. Moved overwintered super above brood box. QX added. Evidence of wax moth.

Next meetings: Wednesday 19 April at 2pm. Sunday 23 April at 2pm.
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Apiary Meeting Wednesday 19 April at 2pm

In addition to the usual Sunday afternoon apiary meetings, a Wednesday afternoon meeting will be arranged subject to sufficient demand.   The first meeting is planned for Wednesday 19 April 2017 at 2pm.  Please email if you would like to attend.

BeeConnected, the new on-line Spray Liaison Scheme

The old Spray Liaison Scheme, based on members being notified of spraying in their area by an Association volunteer, has been replaced by an on-line system at