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Swarm Prevention & Control

Carrying on the Improver Training sessions, the fifth session of the occasional series aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of beekeeping was held on Wednesday 26th October 2016 at the Petersfield Community Centre.

Presented by: Brian Herbert

The areas covered included:

  • Biology of Swarming
  • Preparation for Swarming
  • Swarm Prevention
  • Basic Elements of Swarm Control
  • Swarm Control Methods
  • Taking and Hiving a Swarm


Apiary Records 11 September 2016

Weather fine, calm and sunny 23 degrees.  No full inspections.  First dose of Apiguard (2 weeks ago) removed and second dose applied to all except nucs.   Queen excluders removed from all hives.

Reduced to bi-weekly inspections until end of season.

Hive #2 – inspected by Richard.  Varroa > 50.

Hive #3 – inspected by Liz.  Moved final three feet into permanent site.  Varroa high > 200.

Hive #4 – inspected by Richard.  Full super removed and given to Hive #7. Varroa >100.

Hive #5 – inspected by Liz.  Varroa > 25.

Hive #6 – inspected by Liz.  Once again bees had broken out of sealed entrance in bottom 14×12 brood (plan is to force into upper brood box).  Re-sealed and taped down.  Reasonable high distribution of chalk brood on Varroa board.  Varroa  47.

Hive #7 – inspected by Richard.  Super above double brood empty. Replaced with full super from Hive # 4.  Varroa 0.

Hive #7A – inspected by Liz.  Varroa >200.

Hive #8 – inspected by Liz.  Evidence of dead wax moth.  Varroa 150.

Hive # 15F – inspected by Liz.  Several wax moth larvae removed.  Empty super removed.  Some damage to bottom super (damp?).  Bees angry – is hive location too cool and damp?  Varroa >60.

Hive #16B – on day trip to Alresford Show.

Hive #16C – queen not seen but brood seem happy.  If still not seen and no evidence of brood next time, consider combining with 16B.   Varroa 2.


Apiary Record 28 August 2016

Weather dull, windy and cool for time of year.

Hive # 2 – inspected by Peter.    Apiguard added. One empty super removed.  A lot of nectar in remaining super.  Varroa count 16.

Hive #3 – inspected by Mel.  Apiguard added.  2 supers: one empty and removed.  Varroa count 40.

Hive #4 – inspected by Mel.  Apiguard applied.  3 supers, 2 heavy.  Removed empty frames on remaining super.  Varroa count 40.

Hive #5 – inspected by Anne.  Apiguard applied.  One empty super removed.  Varroa count 3.

Hive #6 – inspected by Peter.  Unchanged since previous week as bees had broken out of sealed brood box.  Re-sealed entrancye to force into brood box above.  Apiguard applied.  Varroa count 15.

Hive #7 – inspected by Liz.  Varroa count 3. Apiguard added.

Hive #7A – inspected by Richard.  Apiguard added.  Varroa count high 70.

Hive #8 – inspected by Richard.  Apiguard added in eke above brood box. Wet box removed.  Varroa count 13.

Hive #15F – inspected by Mel.  Apiguard added. Varroa count 0.  Bees still angry.

Hive # 16 F – inspected by Richard.  Apiguard not applied as brood too small.  Varroa count 2.

Hive # 16C – inspected by Mel.  Queen found and marked White.  Apiguard not applied as brood too small.