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Honey Extraction & Processing

Carrying on from the Improver Training sessions of last winter, the fourth session of the occasional series aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of beekeeping was held on Saturday 24th September 2016 at the Petersfield Community Centre following on from the EGM, unfortunately this impacted heavily on the time available and Graham was necessarily restricted to a brief overview but included some useful insights into show entries. It is intended to reschedule this session at a later date.

Presented by: Graham Rowden

The areas that were to be covered include:

  • Legal and Food Hygiene
  • Removal from Hives
  • Storage before Extraction
  • Extraction
  • Storage after Extraction
  • Bottling
  • Labelling
  • Label Design
  • Selling

Apiary Records 21 August 2016

Weather warm & breezy after 2 days of unseasonably cold, wet and windy conditions.  Good turnout, thanks to all!  Varroa treatment next week.  Finally…..reinstating #15H as #3.

Hive #2 – Inspected by Mel & Rowan.  Added entrance block.  No inspection of brood box or supers. Varroa count = 4

Hive #3  – Inspected by Richard.  Was #15H but almost completed its excruciatingly slow progress across the apiary (only 3 feet to go!) so now re-named.  No inspection of brood or supers.  Added entrance block.  Varroa count = 22

Hive #4 – Inspected by John.  No inspection of brood box or supers.  Entrance block added. Varroa count = 2

Hive # 5 – Inspected by Liz.  No inspection of brood or supers.  Entrance block added. Varroa count = 5

Hive # 6 – Inspected by Richard.  Need to create separate hive above 14 X 12 brood box (was Hive #1).  Swapped 14 X 12 to bottom above floor  and blocked entrance completely.  Covered with crownboard (reduced holes) and added false floor.  Replaced deep and supers.  Reduced entrance on false floor.  Varroa count = 4

Hive #7 – Inspected by Liz.  No inspection of brood or supers. Varroa count = 3

Hive #7A – Inspected by Liz.  Empty shallow at bottom moved above QE.  Frames for extraction combined into  1 super. Canadian clearer board added.  Frames to be extracted this week.  Varroa count v high at >100 (1week)

Hive #8 – Inspected by Richard.  No inspection of brood or supers.  Entrance block added. Varroa count = 18

Hive #15F – Inspected by Richard. No inspection of brood or supers. Varroa count = 3

Hive # 16 B – Inspected by Richard. Brood (all stages) on 4 frames. Queen seen. Plenty of stores. Entrance block added. Varroa count = 3

Hive # 16C – Inspected by Richard. Brood on 3 frames (2 shallows). Brood all stages. Entrance block added. Varroa = 2

Apiary Records 14 Aug 2016

Hive #1 – Combined with Hive #6

Hive #2 – Inspected by Brad.  9 frames of brood. Queen found and marked White.  2 QCS – one with dead queen and one with two dead workers.  Shortage of room to lay.  Consider adding brood frame next week?  Added super of drawn comb. Varroa =7 (1 week)

Hive #4 – inspected by Hilary.  8 frames of brood. Query sac brood last week.  Some bald brood (1 frame) found but generally a good strong colony.  Bottom & middle supers ready to extract. Top super extracted two weeks ago being filled again.  Varroa = 7 (1 week)

Hive #5 – inspected by Hilary. Brood + Half.  6 frames of brood in deep.  5 frames of brood in shallow.  Small-ish colony but healthy.  Bottom super, some capping.  Good level of stores in brood shallow.  Varroa = 0 (1 week)

Hive # 6 – inspected by Mel.  2 X 14×12.  No brood in too deep. Bottom deep not examined as bees angry.  Action for next week:  Transfer top brood box to bottom; place plastic sheet with small hole over bottom brood box (false floor) and put second brood box on top.  Varroa = 0. (1 week)

Hive #7 – inspected by Liz.  2 X deep.  Has been united with 16A.  4 frames of brood in bottom deep; 2 frames of brood in top deep. Queen found and marked white. Combined two supers to one.  Varroa  = 0 (1 week)

Hive #7A- inspected by Liz.  4 X shallows.  Brood and stores in top 3 shallows.  Bottom shallow empty.  Possibly frames of stores to extract from top 3. Varroa = >50 (1 week)

Hive #8 – inspected by Liz. Brood on 8 frames.  Super nearly empty. Stores in Brood Box. Varroa = 50 (1 week)

Hive #15F – inspected by Richard.  Brood on 6 frames (bas). Bees angry.  Top super half full.  Most stores in super above brood box.  Varroa = 2(1 week)

Hive #15H – inspected by PG.  Deep X 2. Queen seen and re-marked mblue.  Deep1 not inspected.  Brood on 6 frames in Deep2.   Super empty. Moved another 3 feet towards Hyive 3 position. Varroa = 15 (1 week)

Hive 16B – inspected by Richard/PG.  Nuc transferred to national deep on 24/7. Brood on 5 frames.  Queen found and marked white.  Drone trap left in as full of stores.  Varroa = 2

Hive 16C – inspected by Richard/PG.  Nuc created 26 June.  Several shallow frames in use so left in.  4 deep frames of foundation swapped for empty shallows. Varroa = 1 (1 week)