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Next Apiary Visit : April 3rd 14:00 hrs

Weather permitting the first apiary meeting of the year, where we will hopefully take off the mouse guards, and give the colonies a quick run through  just to check if queen -right and enough stores.

Hoping to see lots of new and old  members there and if possible ask members to bring their own clean bee suits.  If all new members turn up we might have to squeeze two people into  one suit, or take it in turns.    If you have  gloves please bring them and remember to wear welly boots or something similar to enable dunking in sterilising solution to follow our bio-security methods.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the first meeting of the year

Cheers  Richard.

Apiary report : Cleaning Day 20th March


Thank you to everyone who turned up last Sunday to help in the annual cleaning day.

It was a great success, with everyone employed in making frames ,cleaning frames and putting new foundation into both supers and deeps, along with scorching boxes and fixing back metal sidebars into boxes that had been treated with acetic acid.

I seem to have increased the number of tools in the red box I took, so If you are missing any I will bring them to the next meeting.

Thanks must go as usual to Pippa ,Liz and anyone else who provided cakes and coffee/tea and it was great to see so many eager helpers, hopefully we are all set to go for the new season.

The bees have all been out flying and bringing in lots of pollen ,a very encouraging sign as it means there might be lots of lava to feed,  but as we now have a wet and windy spell  it was prudent to give them a bit of fondant feed to see them through.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the first proper meeting , Weather dependent, keep an eye out for an e-mail or info on the web page.

Cheers  Richard,  Liz,  Mel,     Apiary Custodians