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Next Apiary Visit – 20th March 14:00hrs

Apiary  Day  –  March 20th  at  14:00
It is hoped that the weather holds fine for the annual cleaning day, but we hopefully will be having a Gazebo and tables as well as the container to work in.
The aims of the day are :-
 –  Clean the frames of drawn comb, replacing metal side runners that were taken off for the Acetic acid treatment, making sure the frames go back in the same boxes.
 –  Clean and flame the queen excluders
 –  Fitting new foundation into cleaned frames, supers and deep.
 –  Assemble and fill with new foundation  14 x 12 frames
 –  If time we could tidy up the apiary and have a bonfire
Please bring with you any tools /scrapers/ burners that you think may come in handy, but most of all bring yourselves.  Tea/coffee and cakes will be on hand.
see you there and catch up on all the winter goings on with the bees