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Training:Improvers Session 3-9th January 2016

The third session of the occasional series aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of beekeeping will be held on Saturday 9th January 2016 at the Petersfield Community Centre starting at 7:15pm.

This session will deal with the requirements of an apiary and the management of bees over an annual cycle. The areas to be covered include:

  • An explanation of the requirements of an idealised apiary and the importance of these factors in apiary design
  • Bee Behaviour and temperament in relationship to apiary location
  • A run through of the annual cycle of management with sufficient detail of the requirements up to General Husbandry
    • The annual cycle of management of a colony
    • Preparation of hives for the winter
    • Spring management
    • The principles and reasons for regular comb changing
    • What to do before opening a hive
    • The time and reasons for adding supers
  • The feeding of honey bees and consequences of robbing and how to prevent it

To be presented by: Graham Rowden.

 Come along and take advantage of Graham’s expertise to improve your honey bee management.