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Apiary:19th July

Hive#4 was not inspected as it contains a developing queen. All other hives were inspected with emphasis being placed on the supers.

Weather fine, 20C.


Inspected by: Liz H
Brood Chamber (14×12):
No queen seen since new queen emerged 14/6.
0 queen cells
8 frames with brood in all stages
4 frames with stores
room to lay OK
Supers: 2


Inspected by: Richard W
Brood Chamber (14×12):
Queen seen and  marked Blue.
0 queen cells
8 frames of brood no eggs or larvae
3 frames of stores
2 foundation 14×12 frames used to replace deep and extra dummy board
Supers: 3
Roof replaced as missing gauze over ventilation holes allowing robbing.


Inspected by: Jon M
Brood Chamber (Deep):
Queen not seen. First inspection since queen cell left to develop.
2 queen cells, first removed conatined dead larvae second removed appeared OK.
0 frames of brood prior to adding frame with eggs as test frame from Hive#6 marked ‘X’.
Stores OK
Room for laying OK
Supers: 1
Temper: 8


Not inspected, awaiting emergence and laying of new que


Inspected by: Anne B
Upper Brood Chamber (Single Deep):
Queen not seen
0 queen cells
0 frames with brood
stores OK
room for laying OK
Lower Brood Chamber (Single Deep):
Not checked.
Supers: 3
top super still has room.


Inspected by: David P
Brood Chamber (Deep):
Queen(Blue-2015) not seen
0 queen cells
4 frames with brood, exchanged frame of brood with eggs to Hive#3 as test frame
? frames with stores
? frames with room
Queen excluder moved below shallow containing stores to reduce brood chamber to single deep.
Supers: 2
Removed empty shallow but replaced with shallow previously part of brood chamber


Inspected by: David P
Brood Chamber (Double Shallow):
Queen (Blue-2015 & Clipped) not seen
Top Shallow
0 queen cells
8 frames of brood
2 frames of stores
room to lay OK
Bottom Shallow
Not checked


Inspected by: Peter R
Brood Chamber (Shallow over Deep):
Queen (Blue-2015) seen, no further check
Supers: 3
Added super


Warre Hive
Inspected by: Brad D
2 Boxes:
Upper Box
Very small and black queen seen
0 queen cells
0 frames brood, polished cells evident
8 frames stores
All frames checked for removeability
Extra comb has been built
Box 2
Top bars only
Temper: 10

Mating Nuclei

Inspected by: Brad D
Assembled 3rd May from Hive#3 (Primary rearing) housed in Wooden nucleus
Laying workers – nucleus shaken out.

Inspected by: Peter R
Assembled 10th May from Hive#3 (Primary rearing) housed in Deep box
Queen (2015/Green) seen
0 queen cells
5 frames brood,
Moved additional 3′ towards Hive#7.
Stores OK
Room OK

more to come…

Apiary : 12th July



Apiary ,visit on Sunday 12th July.

The weather was against us from the start with a fine drizzle and gusty wind, so the first hour the four of us who braved the conditions, were making frames and cleaning boxes in our new workshop/container, which Pippa has loaned to the club.

The container has been fully lined and a full length bench fitted, ideal for making up frames and boxes.     This is a very useful asset and means we can even work when raining.

As the weather was marginal we only checked one hive, moved and rehoused a nucleus and added some new supers.

Hive#1  ( 14×12) Inspected by Liz H, Queen not seen (QNS), no Queen cells, 8frames of brood,  room ok, 2 supers. part filled. Temper 8 (very good considering conditions).  Lots of drones but few drone cells. Brood all stages filling the big frames making them very heavy.

Hive#2 (14×12) Inspected my Mel,   Very angry hive so did not open up brood box but as supers were full, we put a new super with foundation on top of the brood box and a clearer board under the top super.  Temper 7

Hive#3  Inspected by Mel,  Brood box not opened,  clearer board put under top super.

Hive#4  Clearer board put under top super.

The rest of the hives were not checked due to the bad weather.


15A   Not checked

15B  Rehoused into Deep with added drawn frames and 2 dummy boards. Moved another 3ft.  queen laying well and stores ok.

15D (#1)   1 frame brood all stages, and 1 large sealed qc.  QNS. so left cell,  lots of bees, stores ok.

15E (#2)  1 frame of mostly drone cells, and drone larva,  1 stubby queen cell. not making up very well.

15F  Deep,  QNS,  4f brood all stages and new eggs.  large recently emerged queen cell.  stores and room ok, building up well.

15H  Poly nuc ,  not gone through as made up last week  with QC.

2015 Honey Show

The Association Honey Show was held on 19th September 2015 at 2.00pm in the  Triangle Centre, Liss.

This is the up to date schedule  PDBKA2015showschedulebooklet (1

Apiary: 5th July


Sunday was a lovely sunny day after a cloudy start,  ideal weather for going through the clubs hives to check all’s well.

the five main things we were checking ,   Queen cells, space, stores, disease, brood at all stages. Because there were so few of us we skipped some hives as they had either queen cells or virgin queens. Weather sunny, 18C with light wind.

Hive#1   Not inspected, awaiting laying new queen

Hive#2 Not inspected, awaiting laying of new queen

Hive#3 Not inspected, awaiting laying of new queen

Hive#4 Inspected by David P Brood Chamber (Double Deep) frames aligned the warm way. queen not seen(green 2014) Top Deep 20 queen cells , 9 frames brood, 2 stores, room ok. Bottom Deep 7 queen cells,  7 frames brood,  2 stores, room ok. Super 1 full, ready to take off, super 2 filling.   Another super with foundation added under . Notes:  A frame with one queen cell on and a frame of stores moved into a poly Nuclei. and another big queen cell used to replace a rubbish qc in Nuclei 15D( cardboard no 1) Temper:   10

Hive #5  Not gone through as sealed queen cell last week.

Hive #6 Inspected by Liz H Brood chamber (shallow over deep) Queen seen and marked blue., No QCs . 4 frames deep brood, none in shallow, 9 stores in super. Temper:  10

Hive# 7 Inspected by David P Two Shallow brood boxes. Queen not seen but marked previously.(blue) No QCs top brood box – 8 Frames, 7 frames in bottom box. 5 frames stores , 4 frames of room. one super, part filling. Temper:  7

Hive#8 Inspected by Liz H One Deep Brood box. and 3 supers Queen seen, No QCs,   but brood all stages. 6 deep frames of brood, 3 stores,  not much room in single deep. Notes:  As little room , moved queen excluder up over bottom empty super . Temper: 7

Hive #9 Not gone through

Mating Nuclei

15A wooden end nuc,qns. 2 brood half stores, b.a.s. lot of drone brood, slow making up.

15D cardboard no1, qns. 1 brood ,  1 qc replaced from colony 4. stores ok.

15E cardboard  no2  qns.  old drone brood only, no eggs or larva. very sluggish bees.

15G cardboard no4   qns.  3 brood , 1 stores, strapped for space so transferred into Deep Brood box

15H  Poly Nuc    set up from hive #4  – no check required till 26/7



Apiary 150303 Hive3