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Guides to Honey Bee Diseases

The Field Guide to Honey Bee Diseases
Penn State University publication – free download

Web based disease identification resource



Hive products – Bee Craft – 17th Dec

On the 17th December Bee Craft are hosting a live “hangout” on making candles, lip balms and beer.

Again I have no experience of one of these events but it sounds interesting.

Managing Small Hive Beetle

Last month Bee Craft hosted a Webinar (new word to me!) on the Small Hive Beetle and have now created a page listing everything you may possibly need to know about this pest.

This is posted in the hope we never need to know…..

Wax workshop in Petworth – 1st February

Wisborough Green BKA are running a Making Beeswax Products workshop on the 1st of February in Petworth and have invited us to join them.

For more details see



Silver D of E wax blog

A simple blog about making wax candles and lip balms