Telegraph helping bees article 

Swarms?   contact Greg Gumming 07531 901767

If you see a mass of bees clustered in a tree or shrub then you are looking at a swarm of bees waiting while their scouts search out a better home for the new family of bees. A beekeeper would love to give them a new home, so please call 07531 901767 and give Greg the details.

If you are a beekeeper looking for bees please make sure Greg has your number. Without your details on his list you will never know what you have missed!

13rd June Rogate Fete – PDBKA will be there with Richard Williams

Small hive beetle in Calabria.  Pundits are suggesting it will be with us in the  UK within a couple of years.  update with maps  19 March 2015

BBKA examinations explained