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Winter Training for would-be beekeepers –

 5, 12, and 19 March and 2 April 2017

2:15 pm until 4:30 pm – Petersfield Community Centre – Exhibition Room –easy parking

The first session is free to attend, though we do ask you to book beforehand so we can have an idea of numbers. The following sessions cost to the order £30 for the course and include a year’s associate membership to the Petersfield and District Beekeepers Association, the Apiary and the monthly newsletters.

Winter training details and syllabus now on line here


Winter Feeding 

Autumn is now long gone and we are in to darkest winter. Your bees are tucked up tight, behind the mouse and woodpecker guards. They are surrounded by the stores they collected from the last flowers and are dreaming of the spring to come.

As beekeepers we are programmed to worry. If when you are looking at the hives, give them a quick heft (gently lift one side by an inch or two). If they are light, you might want to think about feeding.

The only option during the winter is bakers fondant. Syrup is too cold and wet and the bees can not process it.

More information is on line, or even better ask some one in the Association for help. Its what we are all here for! 🙂


Quick link to the NBU Southern Region Annual Report southern-report-2016

West Sussex Beekeepers are running their Annual Convention on the 25th February and the details are on their website

Portsmouth Beekeepers have information about their Spring Convention, 18th March, on their website . Having attended in past years I can highly recommend it.

76th PDBKA Honey Show.  This will be held at Greatham Village Hall

on 16th September 2017

Some pictures of last year’s Honey Show

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Thank you everyone for helping to create a great honey show.

A steady stream of people came up to admire the display of over 150 entries of honey, wax and cookery.

Asian Hornet officially identified in UK  More details here