AGM – 6th February 2016

The AGM will be held at the Petersfield Community Centre at 7.15pm

There will be plenty of cake to help you through, so please support your Association.


Belated Christmas present problems solved!

Have you thought about sending your nearest and dearest on a beekeeping course? Our Beginner’s sessions start in the New Year, the perfect gift. For more details click on the Training tab.


The Association’s 2015 Honey Show was on the 19th of September in Liss and what a show it was. Nearly 150 entries of glowing honeys, scrumptious cakes and clean wax. And I have never seen wax models to match these amazing dogs!



A new page to be found under ‘web resources’ – Nathan’s Web Gems.


Small hive beetle in Calabria.  Pundits are suggesting it will be with us in the  UK within a couple of years. new update with maps  19 September 2015.  Throughout 2015 surveillance has continued. In September 2015, 9 months from the last detection, an infested apiary was confirmed within the existing 20km protection zone of the first detection. Both adult beetles and larvae were found in an apiary of 32 hives. Eight of the hives were infested. The same eradication control measures were taken by the Italian authorities including destruction of all hives within the affected apiary.

BBKA examinations explained