Honey bee These are the bees that live in hives and are looked after by beekeepers. They are hairy and have long brown and black striped bottoms

Tree bumblebee Lives in holes in trees and bird nest boxes We can not collect or move these bees – please just enjoy

Red tailed bumblebee They live in holes in the ground. We can not collect or move these bees.

Buff tailed bumblebee These bees live in holes in the ground. We can not collect or remove these lovely creatures

Apiary meetings

In addition to the usual weekly Sunday afternoon apiary meetings, a Wednesday afternoon meeting will be arranged subject to sufficient demand.  Please email if you would like to attend.

24th June – Bee Disease Day, East Meon

As part of our offering to our members this year, Meon Valley BKA has organised a bee disease day. As there is not another disease day in Hampshire this year, they would like to offer places to your associations. Details are as follows.

The course will be conducted by Celia and David Rudland, from East Surrey Bees. David was a seasonal bee inspector for many years and Celia was a teacher. They both have many years’ experience as beekeepers and keep over 200 colonies. David and Celia run beekeeping courses at their apiary near Croydon and workshops and lectures at the BBKA Spring Convention and National Honey Show.

The day will be held at East Meon Village Hall on Saturday June 24th and split into two with around 50 people at each session. Lunch will be provided and members can come to either session with lunch either before or after. The morning session will start at 9.00 – 9.30 and end at 12.00 – 12.30, Lunch from 12.30 – 1.30ish and the afternoon session start at 2.00 to 5.00pm. There will be a charge of £10 to include a simple, probably ploughman’s or sandwich lunch. For more information and tickets from

Remember to set your Asian Hornet traps.

The NBU says “French beekeepers often use a mixture of beer and sugar for this purpose. Other effective baits include sweet mixtures of wine, sugar, cassis, and water. You can also by proprietary brands of hornet (wasp) trap bait from many garden centres and DIY stores.” As we are English can we use Ribena instead of cassis?

Asian Hornet officially identified in UK  More details here Scottish sighting report