26th October 2016, 7:15pm Petersfield Community Centre

Open to all members, this training program is based on a syllabus compiled on behalf of the BBKA. It follows on from the Beginner training sessions, provided each year over the winter, and the Novice training, provided to those who wish to undertake the BBKA Basic Assessment in Beekeeping.

Of course everyone’s knowledge in beekeeping follows different paths and although experience comes from practical application these training sessions are designed, like other resources such as books, conventions, lectures and discussion, to reinforce proven techniques already encountered and perhaps introduce you to some new ideas and aspects of beekeeping that you have not yet met.

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PDBKA EGM called to discuss an alternative BBKA membership for PDBKA
For those who were not present, the meeting was held in the Club room  (our usual haunt being occupied by a film crew)  Not ideal but large enough  for the 31 attending.  Many participated in the discussion, the meeting lasting very nearly one hour.
The final analysis?
Of those who had expressed a view by post, at the meeting one member changed from pro independent AAM to remaining with HBA.  Expressing their opinion at  the meeting, five were pro independent AAM, five pro remaining with HBA.
Of the 130 beekeeping members consulted 75 responded (58% ).
With 65 postal responses (1 adjusted as above) and the 10 meeting responses there were
16    for remaining with HBA,
56    for applying to become an independent AAM,
  2     for joining another existing AAM
  1     too ill to respond.
All who attended were thanked for their participation in this important decision.
Tea & cake were then served by Helen & Penny and we were treated to a talk by Grahan Rowden on obtaining a variety of honeys for show.  A very pleasant and instructive end to the evening.

75th Annual Petersfield & District Beekeepers Association Honey Show

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Thank you everyone for helping to create a great honey show.

A steady stream of people came up to admire the display of over 150 entries of honey, wax and cookery.

HBA Honey Show. For details and entry click on Honey Shows in the menu above.

HBA convention details  Application form as pdf  hbc-application-2016; As docx  manual-application

Asian Hornet officially identified in UK  More details here